Friday, October 17, 2014

Ministry for Aging Adults

How do we as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively accentuate these truths when ministering to aging adults - particularly those in Nursing Home or Care Home settings?  How do we instill hope when we walk into a room and find someone who is almost lifeless and we become so emotionally torn inside we just want to exit the scene?  How do we dare articulate these things - as long as you have a breath you have purpose?

My three points today are things I have learned over the years from "the school of personal life experiences."  What I share is from a Spiritual and Biblical perspective - I am not medically qualified to make any medical judgments.  

First, we must RECOGNIZE the wisdom of the aged and the grace of God in the process of aging.  Have you ever noticed when you light a candle the flame is first small - as it continues to burn it gives off more light - it burns the brightest and offers the most warmth just before it goes out.  The same can be said of aging seniors - yet we so often do no view them this way.  

Secondly, we must REMEMBER and help those we are ministering to to understand that God's ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.  As long as we have breath we have purpose.  Until God calls us home there is a reason for our existence here.  Even when we do not understand it, we must trust that one day it will be fully revealed.  

Lastly, we must bring RECONCILIATION.  Never assume all is okay spiritually with your silver haired saints.  Everyone needs assurance that their sins are forgiven and they have been reconciled - reunited to Christ.  This is the most important part of our ministry because it has eternal, everlasting consequences.  

Even if someone is no longer coherent or responsive, pray the prayer.  We do not know what they may be able to hear.  We do not know what God in heaven is revealing or opening up to their mind s owe pray as though they can hear us.

Susan Brown
West Haven Manor

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